Warning the population in dangerous situations and in case of disaster

The discovery of an aerial bomb, flooding of the Lech and Wertach rivers. The City of Augsburg and its citizens can be threatened by events and major disasters. Various information systems are used to warn the population.

Being well prepared for an emergency

On the website of the Federal Office of Civil Protection and Disaster Assistance (BBK) you can find important information on taking emergency precautions and being prepared with lists of supplies or checklists of things you need for extreme cases.

What to do in case of emergency and disaster

  • Please inform neighbors and assist persons in need of help without putting yourself in a dangerous situation.
  • Follow the instructions of the emergency services and get to safety if necessary.
  • Dangerous situations can change quickly. Obtain information on an ongoing basis from the following sources listed, such as apps, the Internet and radio.

How Augsburg warns of danger

  • In addition, public sirens in the city area may alert the public to danger. You will hear a rising and falling wailing tone for over one minute. Then use the above-mentioned information media and follow the instructions of the emergency services.


Sirens are loud and can be heard over long distances to warn citizens at all times - even when they are asleep. The sirens can be triggered individually or for the entire Augsburg city area.

Warning the population

Rising and falling wailing tone for one minute. When this siren tone sounds, immediately turn on the radio or television and access warning apps.  

Audio sample:

Alerting the fire department

Three twelve-second tones, each with a twelve-second pause. The volunteer fire departments in the Augsburg urban area can be alerted by sirens in case of fire and other emergencies.

Audio sample:

All clear

Continuous tone for one minute. There is no longer any danger.

Individual information directly to the cell phone

  • The civil protection authorities use the federal emergency information and messaging app (NINA for short) to inform the population in the event of major emergencies.
  • NINA issues warnings throughout Germany in dangerous situations, such as major fires or hazardous substance spreads. The app also reports weather warnings from the German Weather Service and flood information.
  • Anyone who has installed the app is informed of hazards at their current location or at selected locations and receives specific instructions on how to behave.
  • NINA also shows all warnings from other warning apps such as BIWAPP or KATWARN.

Important phone numbers

Fire and rescue service 112
Police 110
Medical emergency service 116117
Poison control center 089-19240

In the event of a special incident, the citizen telephone is staffed. Individual questions can be asked here.

Citizen hotline for the City of Augsburg 0821 324-4444