Coronavirus – Current protective measures in Augsburg

Current information from the mayor

Dear citizens of Augsburg,

We are all eager to leave this pandemic behind – and we’re well on our way to doing so.

In order to reach our goal quickly, you can do the following:

  • Get tested regularly – at the test centers in your neighborhood, or in one of many pharmacies.
  • Register for the vaccination and get vaccinated.
  • Follow the rules for distancing, hygiene, masks and airing out rooms.

For a better overview, we have compiled all the important information for you here.

The more people get tested regularly and vaccinated, and the more disciplined we are with distancing, hygiene, wearing masks, and regularly airing out rooms, the sooner we can return to our normal lives.

Please do your part and inform your family, your friends, and acquaintances as well.

Only together can we overcome the pandemic.


Eva Weber
Mayor of the City of Augsburg

Among other regulations, the following currently applies in Augsburg, depending on infection rates and the occupancy rate of intensive care beds in the hospitals:

  • FFP2 mask requirement in public transport and in facilities that serve vulnerable groups of people (including doctors' offices, hospitals, full and partial inpatient care facilities, for services provided by outpatient care services and in facilities for people with disabilities, shelters for the homeless and refugees).
  • Mandatory testing for visitors and employees of vulnerable facilities and correctional institutions
  • Regular testing in daycare centers and schools remain
  • Keep distance, wear masks, hygiene concepts: it is recommended to continue to follow the known protective and hygienic measures.

Due to the current infection status, the City of Augsburg will continue to maintain the previous FFP2 mask mandate for visitors and employees in its facilities for the time being on the basis of its domiciliary rights, as per recommendation of the Health Department. For events in the City Hall, the City of Augsburg asks guests to wear an FFP2 mask.

Children and adolescents between their 6th and 16th birthday are only required to wear a medical face mask. Children up to their 6th birthday are exempt from the mask requirement.

Who is considered vaccinated and boosted?

  • Those who have already received both vaccinations are considered fully vaccinated as of the 15th day after the second vaccination.
  • Those persons who have received a booster vaccination to protect against COVID-19 (so-called "booster vaccination") are referred to as boosted.

  • As of January 12, 2022, one is thus considered boosted immediately after receiving the booster vaccination.

  • However, anyone who has been vaccinated with the Janssen vaccine (Johnson&Johnson) is not considered to be fully immunized until, in addition to the initial administration of the Janssen vaccine, optimal protection is ensured through a further administration of vaccine in accordance with the STIKO recommendation. This is then considered part of the basic immunization, not a booster vaccination. Only a third vaccination at an interval of at least three months after the second vaccination is considered a booster vaccination. After that, one is considered boosted in Bavaria with regard to the 2G plus regulation.

Information about coronavirus vaccination

Get vaccinated against Covid-19 – for free.

Anyone wishing to be vaccinated has multiple options at the vaccination centre Impfzentrum (Bürgermeister-Ulrich-Straße 100):

With appointment:
Simply select an appointment online at or call the hotline 0821 78986894. If you call the hotline, you can even book an appointment for the same day.

  • Monday - Friday: 8:00am-3:30pm

In addition, you can also be vaccinated without an appointment during special vaccination campaigns.

How do I get to the vaccination centre? Which documents do I need? Visit the FAQs on vaccinations and the vaccination centre.

Vaccination of adolescents and children from 5 years of age and on

The Standing Committee on Vaccination (STIKO) recommends the Covid vaccination to all persons from 12 years of age on.

Regarding the STIKO’s recommendation for vaccination of children between 5 and 11 years

  • Please contact your pediatrician's office
  • Vaccinations at the Augsburg vaccination center is only possible with an appointment.
  • Vaccination is possible when accompanied by at least one parent or guardian.

At the vaccination center, or at a location without appointments, children and adolescents 12 years of age and older can be vaccinated against the Covid virus.  Vaccination is possible when accompanied by at least one parent or guardian.

Adolescents 16 years of age and older can also be vaccinated without a parent or guardian present - at the vaccination center or at a vaccine location without appointments.

Vaccination against COVID-19 is recommended by the Standing Commission on Vaccination (German: STIKO), as this is how you can protect yourself against infection. You will also be making an important contribution to ending the pandemic.

For more information about vaccination, please visit the website of the Federal Ministry of Health.

Frequently Asked Questions about Corona vaccination

How do I make an appointment at the Augsburg vaccination centre?

  • By telephone on 0821 789 868 94 (city of Augsburg vaccination centre hotline, available from Monday to Saturday, 8.00 am to 4.00 pm)
  • Online:

Is vaccination compulsory?

Some facilities have mandatory vaccination for employees. As of March 16, medical and nursing facilities and businesses in Bavaria are required to report staff who cannot prove immunity protection to the appropriate health department.

Otherwise, vaccination is voluntary, but the Standing Committee on Vaccination (STIKO) recommends the Covid vaccination, as it protects against the disease and also makes an important contribution to containing and ending the pandemic.

Who can I contact if I am not sure if I should be vaccinated?

The quality, effectiveness and safety of vaccines are subject to strict standards in Germany and Europe, and this also applies to the coronavirus vaccination.

You can discuss the vaccination with your family doctor, or call 0821 789 868 94 for more information.

Moreover, an informative discussion with the vaccinator will also take place during the appointment prior to the vaccination itself. You will only be vaccinated after you have given your written consent.

Where is the Augsburg vaccination centre?

  • By public transport: Tramline 3, stop Fujitsu/Bischofsackerweg. The centre is only 300 metres from the stop, is clearly signposted and accessible for disabled persons.
  • By car: Access from the B17 and Haunstetter Straße is signposted. The centre has 100 parking spaces.
  • You can also use local taxi services to travel to and from the centre. Your health insurance company may cover all or part of the cost.

What documents must I take with me to the vaccination appointment?

  • Appointment confirmation (you will receive this by post and/or email after you have made an appointment)
  • Valid personal ID
  • Vaccination card (if available)
  • Important medical documents; e.g. heart disease record card, diabetic passport or list of medication (if available).

Based on the current knowledge, prior evidence of a negative test result is not required. However, people who have tested positive are asked to expressly state this when making an appointment.

A rapid test is recommended for all persons who are vaccinated at the vaccination center or at the outstations. At the vaccination center, a test can be done directly on site in the testing tent.

What is the procedure for vaccination?

Your vaccination authorisation will first be checked at the vaccination centre, and the medical staff will check your data. You will also be asked to complete an information sheet. A doctor will discuss your medical history with you and provide detailed information about the vaccination. You will be vaccinated after you have signed the consent form. You will then spend roughly half an hour in an observation room to enable the medical staff to monitor your medical condition. You will then be able to return home.

The vaccination will be entered on your vaccination card (if available). If you do not have a vaccination card, you will receive a vaccination certificate.

Please note that you will need to have a second vaccination after three month, and will not be fully vaccinated until two to three weeks after your second vaccination. You can find out how to make the second appointment when making the first vaccination appointment (online or by phone).

To protect other persons, please follow the “AHA” (or DHM) rules: “Abstand, Hygiene, Alltagsmaske” / “Distance, Hygiene, Mask”.

Vaccinations available in your neighborhood- without an appointment and for free

All Augsburg citizens may now get vaccinated against Covid-19 in their neighborhood, without an appointment and for free.


  • City center: Hochschule, Building B, Brunnenlechgäßchen 16, 86161 Augsburg
    • Monday - Friday: 8:00am-3:15pm

Please bring:

  • A form of identification (personal ID, passport)
  • Vaccination record and allergy information (if available)

If you would like, you may >>Click here to download the patient information sheet for the vaccination. You may also fill out the form at site.

Misconceptions and misinformation about the Corona vaccination

There are many questions regarding the Corona vaccine (also called the Covid 19 vaccination). Some people aren't sure if they should get vaccinated. Misinformation is being disseminated on the Internet and even within some circles of friends. The most common questions dealing with these misconceptions are dealt with on this page.

What to do in case of suspected infection

Anyone who shows symptoms of the illness should report to the general practitioner or the emergency services by phone and do not come to the practice or emergency room unannounced. 

If symptoms arise including fever, sore throat or cough:

  • Stay at home and contact your family doctor
  • Call 116117 outside normal consulting hours
  • Call 112 in an emergency (e.g. breathing difficulties)

Test centres in Augsburg

You have several options available for taking a COVID-19 test in Augsburg.
You can be tested at the test centres and certain pharmacies in the Augsburg urban area:

General Advice:
City of Augsburg Citizen’s Hotline 0821 324-4444
The citizen’s hotline is available from Monday to Friday from 8am to 7pm. If all lines are occupied: Please try calling again.

Coronavirus hotline in Bavaria: 09131 6808-5101

Corona can affect all of us

Infection can occur anywhere and anytime. Even unnoticed. Nobody should feel ashamed of having contracted coronavirus.
What you should never do is conceal an infection or fail to inform persons with whom you may have come into contact while infected. This accelerates the spread of the virus and is one reason why we have to restrict normal life in Augsburg with measures including the compulsory wearing of masks.

If you were in contact with a person with coronavirus:
• Keep social contact to a minimum, especially with at-risk groups (e.g., home office).
• Keep distance, observe hygiene rules, wear masks (FFP masks offer best protection), ventilate.
• Test regularly (e.g., self-testing or citizen testing at testing stations).
• Observe health status for 14 days after contact.
• If signs of illness occur: Immediately self-isolate, PCR test at primary care physician's office.

The following applies once you have tested positive for coronavirus:
• Remain at home. Go into quarantine for at least 5 days. Isolate yourself as much as possible from people living in the same household with you.
Inform the health authorities
• Notify any persons with whom you have come into contact
• Observe the hygiene rules
• Contact your family doctor if you have symptoms that require treatment. In an emergency, call 112.

Home quarantine shall end no earlier than 5 days if:

  • the positive test or the appearance of the first symptoms occurred a minimum of 5 days previously
  • and the person has been free of symptoms for a minimum of 48 hours
  • and a negative test result (PCR or rapid antigen test) has been obtained no earlier than on day 5 of the quarantine period.

Quarantine can be ended once 5 days have passed and the person has not shown symptoms of illness for at least 48 hours. A final test to end isolation is no longer necessary.

In the event that symptoms are present, isolation will automatically extend until the day you have been symptom free for 48 hours. At the most, however, until day 10.

Information for travelers

  • Persons who have visited a high-risk area within a period of 10 days before entering Germany must remain in quarantine for 10 days.
  • Persons who have been in a virus variant area within a period of 10 days before entering Germany must remain in quarantine for 14 days.
  • There are exceptions to quarantine for vaccinated and recovering individuals. Please inform yourself at: in your respective language about the requirements that apply to you.
  • Travelers are subject to >> electronic reporting requirements upon entry.

Current information about the coronavirus can be also found in the Integreat app in several languages.